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    State councilor stresses flood prevention

    Updated: Jun 05,2021 21:03    Xinhua

    BEIJING — State Councilor Wang Yong has emphasized efforts in flood monitoring and warning as the country enters the main flooding season.

    Wang, who heads the country's anti-drought and flood work, made the remarks during his trip to the eastern provinces of Jiangxi and Fujian to inspect flood prevention.

    From June 2 to 4, Wang visited water infrastructure facilities including pumping stations, hydrologic stations, dams and reservoirs in the two provinces to learn about preparations.

    Bracing for frequent heavy rains and extreme weather in the flooding season, the country must ramp up measures for flood prevention and disaster relief to ensure people's safety, he said.

    Wang urged local authorities nationwide to root out risks, use flood prevention facilities scientifically, and keep rescue crews and supplies in high-risk areas ready.

    Efforts should also be made to ensure prompt emergency response and relocation to avoid casualties, Wang added.