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    State councilor stresses work safety, fire control

    Updated: Apr 13,2021 17:00    www.indoelection.com

    State Councilor Wang Yong, speaking at an annual conference on safe production and fire control on April 12, called for efforts to ensure workplace safety and enhance fire-control work based on inspection results, and related departments should fully carry out responsibilities to prevent critical safety incidents.

    All localities and related departments should better coordinate development and safety, and make sure that priority is always given to people's lives and property, Wang said.

    An inspection was conducted on members of the Office of the Work Safety Commission under the State Council for the first time this year, during which implementation of related policies by the Communist Party of China local committees, local governments and related departments was checked.

    According to Wang, fields and industries more vulnerable to incidents must be closely watched, oversight and law enforcement intensified, and in-depth inspections carried out, to eliminate all kinds of hidden hazards.

    He also urged for acceleration in fixing loopholes and strengthening weak links to ensure that work safety is stable and constantly improving.