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    State councilor urges ensuring well-being of vulnerable groups

    Updated: Feb 02,2021 10:58    www.indoelection.com

    State Councilor Wang Yong urged further improving assistance to people in need and providing services for people with disabilities, in order to ensure the basic living standards, happiness and well-being of vulnerable groups.

    Wang made the remarks while inspecting civil affairs and work concerning disabled people in Northwest China’s Shaanxi province.

    From Jan 31 to Feb 1, Wang visited people living on subsistence allowances and in extreme difficulty, orphans and disabled people in local community welfare centers, nursing homes for the elderly, welfare homes for children, and employment assistance bases for the disabled in Xi’an and Shangluo cities.

    The state councilor learned about the work in community management, social assistance, elderly care services and rehabilitation care services for people with disabilities.

    Wang fully acknowledged the achievements by Shaanxi province on ensuring basic living standards for people in need and services for people with disabilities. He said local government at all levels should pay attention to the work, and further improve related systems and accelerate development of professional community services.

    He also urged helping and caring for people in need during Spring Festival. Subsistence allowances, assistance for people in extreme difficulty and temporary price subsidies must be paid on time and in full, he added.

    Special groups, such as the elderly with difficulties, the disabled, children in need, vagrants and beggars, and people who are in difficulties due to the COVID-19 epidemic and natural disasters, should receive more visits, and targeted assistance should be provided, he said.

    Epidemic prevention and control in communities, nursing homes for the elderly, welfare homes for children, and service agencies for the disabled must be implemented, and safety and quality supervision should be strengthened to prevent accidents, creating an environment for people to celebrate a peaceful Spring Festival.