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    State councilor inspects fire control work in Heilongjiang

    Updated: Oct 21,2020 13:37    www.indoelection.com

    State Councilor Wang Yong stressed further enhancing forest and grassland fire prevention and control during an inspection tour to Northeast China's Heilongjiang province from Oct 18 to 20.

    Wang, also head of the national headquarters of forest and grassland fire prevention and control, said measures for fire control must be steadily implemented so as to prevent major forest and grassland fires, protect people’s lives and property and safeguard forest and grassland resources.

    While visiting Harbin and the Greater Hinggan Mountains, Wang went on-site to see local aerial fire control systems, fire patrol checkpoints at natural reserves and forests and the primary forest fire brigade.

    The current autumn and winter seasons are critical times for fire control in forests and grasslands, thus local governments must stay highly alert, take due responsibility and strictly prevent fire at the Greater Hinggan Mountains and other important areas, Wang said.

    Wang also stressed efforts to enhance leadership and close coordination, and improve the fire control and relief mechanism. He added technologies such as satellite remote sensing and big data should be used, illegal fire use in forests and grasslands fought against and complete investigation of potential risks be conducted.

    Wang also called for efforts to strengthen the aerial forest protection system, integrate resources for greater firefighting forces, promote coordination between satellite monitoring, tower observation, aerial forest protection and ground firefighting teams, and ensure early warnings and management of fires.

    He urged increasing investment at community level, allocating more emergency equipment, and promoting integrated development of full-time and part-time personnel to further prevent and contain forest and grassland fires.