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    State councilor urges inspection on safety production, fire control

    Updated: Jun 10,2020 10:14    www.indoelection.com

    At a meeting for provincial governments on June 9, State Councilor Wang Yong stressed that inspection on safety production and fire control should be strengthened, to rectify problems, enhance risk prevention, and build a stable environment for economic and social development.

    Although the current state of safe production and fire control is generally stable, risks still exist in some industries and fields, and major incidents happen occasionally, Wang said. He urged all departments to conduct inspections, uphold the principle of safety development, prioritize people’s lives and safety, and protect their property.

    Wang also urged governments at all levels to inspect and check the following aspects: construction and implementation of the liability system for safe production, special rectification in major industries and work for the three-year safety enhancement project.

    He added that the purpose of the inspections is to effectively improve safety, eradicate risks and avoid major incidents.