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    State councilor stresses disaster control, safety

    Updated: May 13,2020 11:17    www.indoelection.com

    State Councilor Wang Yong stressed the need to further enhance the natural disaster prevention system and improve control capability to reduce disaster losses to a minimum and protect people's lives and property. He made the remarks at a meeting on May 12, China’s 12th National Disaster Prevention and Reduction Day.

    Wang, head of the National Committee for Disaster Reduction, said people’s lives and safety must be put as the top priority, emphasizing the importance of risk management and integrated disaster reduction.

    He also urged departments and local governments to firmly implement disaster prevention and reduction measures in an organized and coordinated manner.

    Vulnerable areas and critical time spots should be further monitored, and precautionary warnings of major disasters should be strengthened, he added.

    He stressed the importance of disaster preparations, emergent rescue work, support for disaster-stricken people and awareness of disaster-caused poverty.

    Wang also urged efforts to accelerate construction of key projects for natural disaster control, intensify public education in this regard and increase the whole society's awareness and ability to deal with disasters.