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    State councilor presses for Jiangsu’s safety production

    Updated: Apr 23,2020 11:12    www.indoelection.com

    State Councilor Wang Yong addressed the importance of safety production in East China's Jiangsu province during a video conference on April 22.

    He said the first phase of the supervision work on safety production already achieved results, calling for follow-up efforts.

    Wang urged Party committees and governments at all levels in Jiangsu to assign responsibilities to each level while normalizing epidemic control work.

    In order to wipe out hidden perils and prevent severe accidents, the supervision work on safety production in Jiangsu will become part of a three-year action plan of national safety production rectifications, with an improved long-term mechanism and continuing efforts, according to Wang.

    A supervision team from the State Council will focus on the specifics of safety production in Jiangsu, continue to strengthen the guidance and supervision work, summarize and promote related experiences, and push forward the construction of a governance system and capacity of safety production.