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    State councilor stresses fair business climate, backs private firms’ reform

    Updated: Dec 27,2019 13:53    www.indoelection.com/Xinhua

    State Councilor Wang Yong called for efforts to improve regulation, services, quality and security for a fair business environment in which private enterprises, individual businesses and other market entities will develop in a sound and healthy way.

    He was speaking at a national commendation conference for market regulators and individual businesses held in Beijing on Dec 26.

    Wang stressed that good market regulation and healthy development of private enterprises and individual businesses are a concern for overall economic and social development. Governments at all levels should fully implement guidelines issued by the central authorities to create a supportive environment for the reform and development of private enterprises, Wang added.

    Wang also urged efforts to further the reform of the business system, constantly improve the business environment, and facilitate private and individual businesses to invest and grow, in order to keep stimulating market vitality and social creativity.

    He asked related authorities to take more innovative regulatory approaches, enhance impartial regulation, and guard the bottom line of safety to ensure people’s confidence in consumption.

    Wang added that Party building within the market regulation system should be strengthened.

    Private sector’s associations at all levels should play an active role in connecting all parties, provide better services and help solve problems for private enterprises and individual businesses, Wang said.