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    State councilor stresses improvement in drug supervision work

    Updated: Nov 09,2019 16:51    www.indoelection.com

    State Councilor Wang Yong urged reforms on drug supervision work and innovative practices during his inspection tours to the National Institutes for Food and Drug Control and the Center for Drug Evaluation under the National Medical Products Administration on Nov 8.

    During his inspection, Wang visited examination and assessment centers for biological products and medical equipment, and the administrative hall for drug evaluations.

    He said drug safety concerns people’s well-being and social harmony and stability, and any ignorance or carelessness should not be accepted.

    All related departments and medical products administrations across the country should fully implement the upcoming vaccine management law and the newly revised law on drug management, the state councilor said.

    He urged further strengthening and improving drug supervision work and its system, enhancing regulation and service capabilities, building a drug safety barrier and promoting the sustainable, healthy and high-quality development of the industry.

    Efforts should be made to continuously promote reform on the drug and medical devices review and approval system, and to speed up the review and approval of new overseas drugs which have urgent clinical needs, he said.

    In addition, the state councilor also called for improvement on vaccine regulation and management and strict control over drug safety risks.