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    State councilor stresses safe production in Shanxi

    Updated: Sep 11,2019 14:53    www.indoelection.com

    Serious and major accidents must be prevented to safeguard people and their property and create a safe and stable environment for celebrating the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of China, State Councilor Wang Yong said while inspecting safe production and emergency management in North China’s Shanxi province from Sept 9 to 10.

    Wang went to chemical enterprises, coal mines, equipment manufacturing enterprises and large-scale commercial complexes to check their safety management and accountability system.

    He also learned about equipment arrangement, training and the duty system of a grassroots fire brigade.

    “Various production risks still remain, and more solid and effective measures must be taken to ensure safe production, ” Wang said.

    He also urged departments at all levels to rectify safety problems in key industries, such as hazardous chemicals and coal mines, and to substitute workers with machines in high-risk positions.

    Meanwhile, he stressed preventive technical measures, such as online monitoring and early warning to ensure safe production.

    Enterprises must strictly put in place a safety management system, and conduct self-examination to ensure overall safety, he said, adding that work shifts must be arranged to ensure quick and efficient response to emergencies.