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    China urges highest emergency response to extreme weather

    Updated: Jul 26,2021 21:44    Xinhua

    BEIJING — China's top economic planner called for instantly triggering the highest-level emergency response in the face of extreme weather, seeking stepped up protection for key infrastructure in urban areas.

    Improvements should be made in emergency plans for dealing with the harshest weather conditions and a quick-response mechanism should be established, according to a circular made public on July 26 by the National Development and Reform Commission.

    It also urges suspension of classes, work and transport when necessary.

    The circular urges meteorological departments to strengthen forecast and early warning of disasters including heavy rainfall and typhoons, and release information to the public through multiple channels.

    To enlist potential risks and take tailored prevention measures, a comprehensive investigation should be carried out immediately in areas prone to disasters, such as urban rail transits, railways, tunnels and airports as well as underground spaces of public facilities.

    The circular also underscores rapidly replenishing emergency supplies, ensuring flood control materials and disaster relief equipment in place and allocating necessary emergency communication tools.

    Efforts should also be made to step up regulation related to the safety of projects under construction, says the circular, noting that offices and dormitories must not be built in valleys or low-lying areas.

    China is facing severe floods as heavy rainfall and typhoons ravage many parts of the country, leading to many casualties and economic losses.

    So far, torrential rains in Central China's Henan province have caused 69 deaths and affected millions.