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    State councilor urges fire prevention and control in forests, grasslands

    Updated: Jun 5,2019 11:37 AM     english.gov.cn

    The responsibility for prevention and control should be steadily implemented in fire prevention work for forests and grasslands, State Councilor Wang Yong stressed.

    Wang, also head of the national headquarters for forest and grassland fire prevention and control, made the remarks during his inspection in Inner Mongolia autonomous region and Heilongjiang province from June 2 to 4.

    According to Wang, this time of the year is a critical period for fire prevention in forests and grasslands of northern areas. Related authorities should be on high alert to prevent fires.

    Wang stressed efforts to enhance leadership and close coordination, allocate duties to every position, and promote the proper arrangement of work to ensure completion. Critical times and areas should be highlighted, and contingency plans should be improved.

    Investigations into hidden dangers should be carried out, equipment and infrastructure construction should be revamped, and awareness of fire prevention and routine patrols should be enhanced, Wang said.

    Information must be shared and joint discussions must be carried out to ensure early forecasting and detection of fire accidents as well as prompt measures.

    Emergency responses should start once a fire happens. All forces will be deployed to put out the fire, so that national forests, grasslands, and people’s lives and property are all protected.