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    State councilor stresses enhanced natural disaster prevention, relief

    Updated: Apr 26,2019 11:04 AM     english.gov.cn

    State Councilor Wang Yong urged efforts to comprehensively strengthen natural disaster prevention and relief while speaking at a symposium of provincial and ministerial level officials in Beijing on April 25.

    Wang asked related authorities to improve the system and measures of combining disaster prevention and relief to mitigate the risks of major natural disasters and minimize losses, in order to safeguard people’s life and property and maintain social stability.

    Wang said that as the country faces complicated challenges from natural disasters, related authorities should enhance accountability systems, strengthen coordination, and deepen reform and innovation to build an efficient emergency management and disaster prevention system.

    He also stressed efforts to improve any weak links in natural disaster prevention and relief, accelerate the construction of key projects, and strengthen personnel training and public awareness.