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    State councilor inspects SOEs in Beijing

    Updated: Jun 26,2018 1:57 PM     english.gov.cn

    State Councilor Wang Yong urged the State-owned enterprises (SOEs) to further deepen reform and innovation, strengthen Party building work and improve the quality of State-owned assets.

    He made the remarks during his recent visits to the SOEs, including China Mobile Group Research Institute, China Architecture Design & Research Group and Beijing Institute of Aeronautical Materials in Beijing.

    He inquired the companies’ manufacturing and management situation, work on reform, scientific and research innovation, work safety and Party building, met with frontline staff members and heard their ideas.

    Wang asked SOEs to build themselves into global top-level enterprises and advance the high-quality development, thus making more contributions to the social and economic development.

    He stressed the importance of self-innovation ability, appealed to the SOEs to make more efforts in key and generic technology, cutting-edge technology, modern engineering and the innovation of disruptive technologies.

    The state councilor also asked them to advance the transformation of old and new driving engines, and carry out strict anti-corruption work in the enterprises.