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    State councilor stresses safe production

    Updated: May 14,2018 9:32 AM     english.gov.cn

    State Councilor Wang Yong stressed the need to improve the emergency management system, implement safe production responsibilities, and avoid major accidents, as he visited Sichuan province on May 11.

    From May 10 to 11, Wang went to Chengdu, Meishan and Leshan to inspect local emergency management and safe production at fire departments, monitoring and warning centers and related enterprises.

    Despite significant achievements in recent years, there remain quite a few risks and problems, he said. He urged efforts to solve the problems, strengthen risk control, and establish a long-term mechanism.

    Emergency management and safe production are associated with people’s livelihood and social stability, hence the implementation of the two undertakings entail rigid conscientiousness, he said.

    Orderly advancements should be made to step up the reform in emergency management organizations, with integrated and optimized emergency management forces in place.

    Meanwhile, construction of the emergency rescue system should be greatly boosted, and the formation of an emergency management system with Chinese characteristics should be advanced.

    Safe production should be performed at full capacity, and inspections and assessments in this regard should be greatly strengthened, with responsibilities borne across the board.

    Additionally, specific management campaigns should stay in full play, with security risks entirely wiped out, in a bid to push forward the positive momentum in safe production.