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    State councilor urges protection on left-behind children

    Updated: Apr 7,2016 4:29 PM     english.gov.cn

    State Councilor Wang Yong urged departments at all levels to thoroughly implement the State Council’s opinions to protect and care for left-behind children in rural areas during a teleconference on April 6.

    The state councilor called for a working system where families, schools, governments and social forces all get involved in left-behind children’s protection. Meanwhile, related policies and basic public services need to be constantly improved to safeguard these children’s living conditions, he said.

    Family guardianship is the base for children’s healthy growth and law education for left-behind children’s parents should be strengthened, Wang added. Local governments should bear the responsibility in protecting this vulnerable group and guide the participation of social forces.

    Rescue and protection mechanisms also should be improved and there should be a strict crackdown on illegal behaviors against left-behind children. That will create a favorable environment for their health and safe growth, the state councilor said.