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    Senior official calls for more care of poor people

    Updated: Jan 26,2014 5:07 PM     Xinhua

    BEIJING - State Councilor Wang Yong has urged governments at all levels to give more assistance to the people with difficulties in living, and step up establishment of the social relief system.

    Wang made the call during his inspection tour on Friday and Saturday to Ganzhou City in southern Jiangxi Province, an important revolution base of the Communist Party of China in the 1930s. He visited families and people with various difficulties in living, as well as veterans of the Red Army and their descendants.

    Wang asked them in detail about their living condition, incomes and education of their children, urging local officials to care more about poor people, especially Red Army veterans and their descendants, and help them solve practical difficulties in living.

    Wang said ensuring the basic living standard of the poor people is the government’s responsibility. He urged governments at all levels to fully implement policies ensuring the people’s livelihood and establish a mechanism to guarantee the living of people with difficulties.

    Wang added that governments at all levels should strengthen the construction of social relief system, enhance policy implementation and increase financial input, setting ensuring basic livelihood as priority in financial arrangement.

    He also called for strict management of funds to ensure that the funds can be delivered to the poor people in time and in full. Governments at all levels should also improve social relief system in accordance with the central government’s requirement, Wang said.