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Premier Li visits flood-stricken community in C China

Updated: Aug 19,2021 17:26

Premier Li Keqiang visited a community in Zhengzhou city, Central China's Henan province, on Aug 19, to inquire about the damage to ground-floor apartments after extremely heavy rainfall on July 20.

The Premier carefully checked the damage and inquired about sterilization and recovery of water, power, and gas supplies.

He also asked some residents about the help they need.

A resident replied that he could not return to work and had to keep his kid at home because the kindergarten had not recovered.

Another resident said that he needed the government's help to get temporary housing, as his flooded house called for floor replacement and wall whitewashing.

The problems are small, the Premier said, but they cannot all be solved by the residents themselves. He urged the local authorities to carry out careful investigations and help them overcome difficulties as soon as possible.

On the same day, Premier Li also visited a farm produce market on Zhongyuan Middle Road of Zhengzhou city to learn about local market supplies, which fluctuated for a time due to the region’s heavy rains and the following sporadic outbreak of COVID-19 infections.

At the booths for grain, oil, non-staple food, small commodities and vegetables, the Premier asked in detail whether the supplies had recovered, whether the prices are higher than before, and whether business has been affected.

Securing supplies and stable prices should be ensured to guarantee people’s daily living at this difficult time, he stressed, urging them to bring back people’s normal life as soon as possible with solid efforts in regular epidemic control.