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    Premier stresses epidemic prevention, guarantee of people's basic necessities

    Updated: Jan 16,2021 17:21    www.indoelection.com

    Efforts should be made to enhance epidemic prevention and control while ensuring people's basic living necessities, Premier Li Keqiang urged at the State Council executive meeting on Jan 15.

    According to those at the meeting, China will take more measures to guarantee the well-being of groups affected by the COVID-19 epidemic and those living in hardship during the upcoming holidays.

    He stressed that local governments and relevant departments should ensure people's basic living during epidemic prevention and control, provide assistance to those affected by disasters, and increase minimum subsistence allowances.

    As Spring Festival approaches, more precise assistance should be provided to those affected by the epidemic and extreme weather, the Premier said.

    "It is vital to ensure basic livelihoods of the people and stability of market supplies and prices," Premier Li said, adding that "social aid and security benefits should be adjusted in accordance with price rises if needed, and subsidies should be issued in time to people living on allowances."

    The Premier called for strengthened monitoring of those already out of poverty and people still near the poverty line so that no one is missing out on social relief.

    Local governments and departments should make proper arrangements for rural migrant workers and students who stay behind for the holiday, and offer more care and support for children and the elderly who live alone in rural areas, the Premier said.

    He also called for a thorough check and inspection of orphans, the disabled, patients with mental conditions and others in special difficulties, providing targeted assistance to people in temporary difficulties. It is necessary to ensure the basic livelihood of people affected by floods, especially those resettled in the interim, the Premier said.

    Premier Li urged local governments to disburse sufficient aid funds directly to people in need, to guarantee their basic livelihood.

    "The central government has allocated 100 billion yuan of relief subsidies in advance. We must focus on supporting and ensuring people's well-being, strengthen oversight of its use and prevent misappropriation, and guarantee the money will be spent for the best purpose," the Premier said.

    The Premier stressed market supply of daily necessities, such as rice, flour, oil, vegetables, meat, eggs and milk in particular, as epidemic control is enhanced due to recent cluster outbreaks in some areas.

    Work should be well arranged to prepare the public for a happy Chinese New Year, Premier Li said.