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    China issues five-year plan to strengthen market supervision

    Updated: Jan 23,2017 5:39 PM     english.gov.cn

    The State Council has released a plan for market supervision to be implemented during the 13th Five-Year Plan period.

    The move is aimed at further stimulating market vitality, regulating the market and safeguarding consumers’ rights while improving efficiency in supervision.

    The main objective of the plan is to establish an efficient, lawful and scientific market supervision system supported by self-discipline of enterprises and society governance by 2020, in an effort to boost business system reform and create a fair business environment.

    The plan includes several major tasks such as relaxing and liberalizing market access to create a fair market environment.

    To ease market access and promote the spirit of entrepreneurship, related departments should streamline administrative procedures, establish transparent market access rules, and push forward the “merging multiple licenses into one” reform while providing better service to startups.

    Market supervision in key areas such as cyber market, advertisement market, regulation management and special equipment safety should be emphasized to improve fairness in the market environment.

    In addition, strengthened enforcement efforts are also underlined to fight monopolies and fake commodities.

    The circular also urged establishing a secure market environment for consumption, with efforts to improve market supervision on daily consumption, and oversee consumer goods, food and drug safety, and daily service consumption.

    Meanwhile, market supervision on new consumption sectors should be strengthened, considering the growing trend of consumption upgrades. Precautionary measures should be taken in market supervision of emerging consumption sectors, modes and hot spots.

    It called for regulating new consumption sectors such as e-commerce and WeChat business, in an effort to reinforce the protection of consumer rights. Supervision on new business formats including car-hailing services and house sharing should also be tightened.

    In addition, the circular urged improving the legal rights protection for the consumption of key groups, including minors and the elderly.

    Strengthened efforts for the supervision of rural consumption market are also underlined, with a focus on the consumption protection of villagers and farmers.

    The State Council also vowed to improve the supervision mechanism for enterprise credit and achieve an innovative supervision with the aid of big data technology and Internet Plus strategy, to reduce supervision costs while enhancing its efficiency.