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    Port business environment gets a new facelift

    Updated: Jun 03,2021 16:57    chinadaily.com.cn

    As the RCEP trade agreement is planned to go into force next year, the General Administration of Customs has been working on a slew of measures, in a move to build up a market-oriented, legalized and internationalized port business environment, said Dang Yingjie, deputy director-general of the National Office of Port Administration.

    The GAC is preparing to promulgate the RCEP Measures for the Administration of the Origin of Imported and Exported Goods and Administrative Measures for the Approved Exporters, sorting out the procedures for applying for preferential import and export visas under the RCEP framework, the official introduced, and building a supporting information system to ensure convenience for enterprises to make proper declaration and enjoy their due benefits.

    Besides, GAC has further streamlined regulatory documents needed for import and export, cut fees charged for port management, and shortened the customs clearance time by more than 40 percent compared with 2017.

    "The port is the intersection of domestic and international dual cycles, and an important starting point for opening to the outside world in a larger scope, wider area, deeper and higher level," said Dang, also highlighting the significance of multifunctional port construction in the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area, and actively supporting the cargo port development in inland areas.

    What other detailed actions has the GAC taken to optimize the port business environment? Watch the video to learn more.